Leaders seeking traditional thinking, tepid ideas, or safe strategies are not drawn to Nextions because that is not what Nextions does. At all.

Leaders looking to create real change, leaders who are ready to break through to a higher level of leadership and the smarter workplace that they know exists on the other side of the status quo – partner with Nextions for optimal impact.

Moving beyond “the same old stuff that doesn’t work,” Nextions powers leaders to think smarter and lead better with cutting-edge research, innovative ideas and insightful programs. Look around the site for more information about The Nextions Team, their Consulting Services or Individual Offerings through The Leadership Matrix.

Knock. Knock.

Who’s there?

Awesome Leadership & Amazing Workplaces.

Awesome Leadership & Amazing Workplaces who?

Duh! Nextions, of course. You need to go back and reread the above.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly IS a Nextion?

    Luckily for you, the Nextions Team happens to be experts on identifying and implementing Nextions (they did invent the word, after all). A Nextion is everything you need, to get you from where you are to where you want to be. It is the next question you need to ask. It is the next connection you need to make. It is the next action you need to take. Whether you are an individual, a team, or an organization, your Nextions propel you to think smarter and lead better for maximum impact.


  • How do I get a Nextion?

    The Nextions Team works with organizations and individuals alike, offering a variety of carefully tailored services that all revolve around your individual professional needs. They specialize in leadership and inclusion but they’ve also got a lot of opinions and research on workplace environment, innovative strategies and the vital importance of caffeine.


  • So… who do I call?

    Any of our team members are happy to receive a call from you! Peruse their bios to find out more about our generationally and culturally diverse and fascinating team (we have an artist, a dancer and an actor on board!)


  • One more thing. What’s up with all the citrus fruit?

    Oh man! So glad you asked! Their energetic colors and distinctive flavors are always enticing, but the enchantment (all right, obsession!) with citrus fruit lies in the journey the fruit has taken over the past five thousand-ish years: from a sacred fruit available only to royalty to a fruit produced and enjoyed by a variety of people all over the world.

    The oldest references to citrus fruit (5000 years ago) are found in India where they were delicacies enjoyed by royalty in sacred ceremonies. The fruit then made its way across India, into Tibet and across the Himalayas into China. When Alexander the Great wandered into India, he took the citrus fruit and introduced it to Europe and the Middle East. The fruit – very popular among royalty and the wealthy in Europe – was part of Christopher Columbus’ food supplies when he began his travels. Around this time, citrus fruit were also being planted and harvested in the gardens of the Dutch East India Company in South Africa.

    As sailors discovered that the coveted fruit helped prevent scurvy on the ships, the citrus fruit became a favorite thing to pack for navigators on many seas and oceans. These explorers became serious (really serious!) fans of the fruit and enthusiastically planted seeds on every stop throughout the Caribbean islands, the western coast of South America, and the southeastern tip of North America. The fruit soon became a staple in a healthy diet, and the now popular fruit finally made their way across mainland America to California, and eventually bounced on over to Australia in the early 1900s.

    In many ways, the citrus fruit represent the communities and history from which global culture has evolved, and they hold lessons about learning from one another. During their long trek across the globe, the citrus fruit quietly but surely left their marks as cultural, sacred and medicinal symbols in many countries. Since citrus fruits are one of the easiest fruits to hybridize, the interesting, colorful and in-demand varieties ensure that the fruit is celebrated both for its original symbolism and its modern manifestations.

    For Nextions, the citrus fruit represent new ideas, expanding awareness and the leadership it takes to make an impact as you go from today to tomorrow.